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BoncheUrbano + Portable + Poop Spray

BoncheUrbano + Portable + Poop Spray

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This Poop spray can help eliminate the undesired odor in your bathroom. Spray once before and once after flushing for best results. Great for gifts! 

Grapefruit Mint:

A luxuriously refreshing scent - the perfect balance of sweet and ripe tangy grapefruit with fresh cut mint straight from the garden.

Subtle hints of lavender, rhubarb, and apple help bring depth and sophistication to this layered fragrance pray.

The addition of natural citrus essential oils bring a liveliness and zesty punch to the finishing notes.

Great all year but a preferable favorite during the spring and summer months. Infused with natural essential oils including grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, orange, thyme, buchu leaf, and bergamot.


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